I ask for excuses before hand if I make a mistake in my writing  English is not my mother language , I hope , I don’t  make too many .  thanks

I am not a writer , but I would like only one thing, I want people read this and try to understand my point of view about Humanity. I would like people take conscience. What are we in this life?
Did You have this question some time in a point of your life for yourself ?
I think, a lot of people believe that we are just a been, that we are here only to fulfill only with the primal necessities: born, grow, an die and after……
Some people in the course of their life are only looking for to make better their time here; commodities, money or power , so they make their life easier, but, everything they accumulate when they die, can not take with then, they believe that…
Other people try to accumulate power, to dominate the rest of people. To keep their status, they don’t care to abuse, to steal even to kill , they don’t care about anybody else more than themselves. What happen when they die, they act like that because they believe that…
Another group take the easy way to live, they live day by day, because believe that after will be nothing. They enjoy their time without worries, and a big percent have alcohol , drugs , and parties, this kind of people don’t damage another people, they damage themselves, they live very happy but the same of everyone else, they will one day die, and….
There is a small group of people, that they think that this is not all. They think that is something else after.
Because we are not a simple been in this life, we are here to learn, and we will take with us all the knowledge we can accumulate in our brains trough our life. Those are the ones that always do something for the benefit of other people and to protect the planet or the place in where we live, without thinking to much in their selves. We need to have a lot of inner power to be one of then. They think they will take everything in their brains to some place else.
Do You think this is true? ..or

Publicado por Valente Delmar

Comentador social y político, y narrador de historias.

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