If You don’t know where is Ecuador, is a small country in South America, between Colombia  and  Peru.
was not easy for the Spanish invaders, to deal with our aboriginal people , who lived at that time in this region, The HUANCAVILCAS.
The city of «Santiago de Guayaquil» was founded 3 times, the first and second times, on the years 1,534 and 1,536 along the shore of the Guayas River, each time the city was attack and destroyed by the aboriginal people, finally the city was erected again on 1,538 at the foot of Santa Ana hill.
Guayaquil was founded by Spanish to whom we glorified when we were kids, but when we got out of ignorance and we get to know the reality, we don’t want even remember the names of this people, because they came to America only to kill, to steal, and to take away our natural resources and what they brought?: sickness that a that time we did not have in our continent flu, chicken pox, measles, leprosy, yellow fever, typhus , canine rabbis.
The Spanish came to South America with the pretext of give us civilization, what was the need of our aboriginal cultures, they have at that time laws, political and economic organization. in exchange we got domination, extermination and lost of our natural resources because they were shipped to other countries.
The true is that all the word history, is a chain of success that gave shame to the humanity. They were empires that has been using and abusing of a region or a country and when they extinguish they natural resources, what they do, is moving to another region, if they are inhabitants in the new place, they don’t care to do anything to get what they want , dominate, killing and even genocide. That is why, we have to realize that the biggest predator of the human  is the Man himself. If we don’t learn to leave in a pacific communion with everyone else, we are condemned to repeat once again this sad history that keep repeating. Spanish, French, English, Germans, Russians, Middle East , Orientals, there isn’t one civilization that can keep his forehead up and don’t have the necessity of asking excuses for some of this acts trough history.
I repeat, as I said before, I don’t want with what I say, to offend anybody in the present , because most of this happens long time ago , and if in some case is happening now, I hope is not too late to take conscience we steel have time to change, for the humanity and for the planet.

Publicado por Valente Delmar

Comentador social y político, y narrador de historias.

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