In this time of «politically correct speeches «, and «human rights defenders» , the reality is that there exists a double moral standard when we talk about those elements of society. Some people can say anything they want to act or speak against somebody in name of their religion, race, country or their own person.
please pay attention, this is history no an invention.
We can not make any observation about some religion that isn’t humanly right and should be observed for anyone in our society , I can not point my finger any any group in particular because I am afraid of being accused on racism , or other human rights violation, but…
I heard someone saying in public «this person who does not respect my religion and is disrespecting my race, will be penalized» and even some times this penalty could be death and for them this is right. I think this appreciation has nothing of right or correct human behavior, I think , this is been used only like a weapon to scare the rest of people and to put themselves on top of the rest of the people, to feel themselves powerful, in a way that they can do anything on their own behalf, without thinking about the welfare of others.
I will not be scared anymore of saying what I think, because History is given me the right to do so.
Why do I have to be scared of the way I think , of the way I talk, or the way I complain about some so religion’s followers , or such human rights defenders, that the only thing they do is to gain benefits for themselves (power , or economics) .
¿Why I have to be scared to say? … Israel is a bad state, not only against Palestine, but against the word, against humanity, History gave me the right to say this, ¿how many people has Israel killed, to enhance its power, and to make bigger his so proclaimed State of Israel , «please refer to Palestina   13-05-15   Inakba the invisible land. In this place Israel   destroyed  more than 50 towns  were lived only  innocent people that work the land. 
¿what is the difference between Israel, and the Nazi Germany?
And the worst part is that they use the religion, to do that, they use the name of Good, but this impossible to be true, because Good is love , is not genocide, «please refer to Cuando la negacion israeli de la existencia de Palestina esto se convierte en Genocidio ( when the Israel negation of Palestine existence, this is genocide) 28-04-14
Another bad act from the rest of the countries, they were supported by an illegally created Union of states at that time, so in that way they reinforce the creation of a bastard State of Israel, this is the time when the word Zionism was invented, this was only another name for invasion, please refer to … The Palestine Post 16 – 05-1948 – Nace el Estado de Israel (Israel state is born)
this is the real name of what happen at that time, invasion, to  take away rights and lands from another country in this case Palestine. They try to erase the Palestinian State, they try to erase their language, their families, their human rights, they were forced to defend themselves against extermination, and they have to create their own army, now these soldiers, who are trying to protect their families, are named terrorists. With this, I am not defending acts of real terrorism, whose only reason is to keep people in fear and in terror, I can not excuse the killing of innocent people, in the name of religion, race, creed, or even revenge for what they had suffer in their own land.
When the invader kills in foreign land, they are liberators, pace keepers, good soldiers and even heroes, but when the people kill the invaders, them they are criminals, rebels, terrorists, is amazing the way how this double moral works.
No body in our days, has the right to go to another land, to kill the people who live there, in the name of anything, the name of this is only INVASION and we have a lot of examples , from the beginning of times: Erik the Viking – Atila – Gengis kahan – Roman Empire – Chinese Dinasty – Hitler – the Queen Isabel in the invasion to South America – the Zionism Israeli from Chain Weizman to Shimon Perez , this is the biggest and even now is  in the way , is happening now. you can refer to
1.-el plan sionista contra Palestina (the sionista invasion against Palestine) Curiosidades de la 07-03-14,
2.- como se repartio el Medio Oriente 1916-1920 (how the Middle East was dismenber) Monde
3.- Israeli Historian Shlomo Sand «Jew people is an invention» Palestina 02-06-08.

What Israel did is an invasion, with the help of other countries, those countries that help to commit a criminal act, have become more criminal than the criminals themselves.
where are we going?
A world where a mother or a father is sent to jail because of stealing a loaf of bread to feed their families and at the same time allows the powerful to kill families and countries, with the only intention to become more powerful and become richer with the blood of innocent people, when are we going to stop? Until when as human beings are we going to allow this keep happening ?
Please pay attention to my words I am not telling anybody to do this by force, this only will finish in more death and desolation, but, we should rise our voice to tell that we do not agree with what this powerful States are doing with the rest, if we keep in silence, if we keep being simple spectators, without saying anything we will be criminals too.

Publicado por Valente Delmar

Comentador social y político, y narrador de historias.

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