If we take a look at the reality of this life, we find that:
Raising the minimun wage goes to the big companies.,
Raising the minimun wage goes to the gas companies.,
Raising the minimun wage goes to the hydro companies.,
Raising the minimun wages goes to the big thiefs, the banks., they prove this because ineterest were increased just a couple of weeks after the minimum wage raise was anounced, and all this with the blessing of the government, so, the increase in wages is for them.,
And the putrefact cycle of poor and rich, stays the same and maybe worse.
after analysing economic growth in the country, the government decided to raise the minimun wage, but the rich, the big companies, don’t want to share the utility they got because of this growth, they do not want to share this with the people that help them to make all that money.
As I said the eternal unconcious of some rich people, who they only want acumulate more and more, something they will never use in this life, but, they do not care, they only want to have more, even if this means suffering for a lot of people, the people are slaves for them, if they could pay less to the people that work for them, they will do so.
So in the end, raising of the minimun wage means nothing for the people, because the control of raising everything else will not work, and the situation will end the same way.
Govenment staff and politicians do not care about this, because somehow they have benefits and this situation does not affect them.
I do not want to falsely acuse anybody, but the salary this people have, does not match with their spending habits. Is common news that politicians and government workers abuse the money that does not belong to them, is every citizen’s money, but they use and abuse this as if it were their money, I believe this is corruption, and is everywhere and at all levels.
The reason is that they do not care about wages increase and after will come the abuse of food price increases and other comodities like fuel, hydro, medicine, etc, etc.
I believe that the benefits and happiness brought on by the minimum wage increase will be short-lived if there is no price regulations in place for the open market.
I wish the government of this country and anothers like United States , and another countries that consider thenselves empires, realized how destroying economies in other countries, , will affect their countries also. For example In Venezuela, President Maduro raised the minimun wage for all citizens, and inmediately, the prices for everything went up, You have to see that same is happening in your country – there is not any difference. In Canada the government raised the minimun wage and the next week the first power, the banks increased interest rates, in this way the minimun wage rise is for the rich, for the millionaries, not for rthe common citizen.

Publicado por Valente Delmar

Comentador social y político, y narrador de historias.

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