I can not address this letter to anyone in particular, because I know that too many people work for the government, and there are so many institutions that are part of this complex entity called «The government» – and maybe one part of this – doesn’t know what the other part does.
I hope somebody will pay attention to what I write.
I have a question: what is the reason for the Canadian Government’s supossed «humanitarian intervensión» in southamerican countries?.
The only one thing they do; the only one thing they acomplish is to help oppose legally elected governments to desestabilisize those countries.
All you do with that «help» is get people to kill each other, I hope this is not the case for the Canadian Government.
What is the reason for this?
Similarly to the United States, perhaps your reason for intervening is to steal natural resources from the countries they invade.
For the United States this is the reason, it was never humanitarian, for them it has always been criminal invasion.
I hope this is not the reason for Canada.
I live in this country for so many years, and I became a canadian citizen , because I consider Canada the best country in the word, and my idea is that Canada is a paceful country. Canada always helps small and poor countries in need of help, not with the purpose of stealing from them, no for domination, I hope You not are doing a supose help with the idea of intervension, to overtrow another governments to get some geopolítical or economic advantages.
I hope that as a government you can learn, investigate, and understand what really is happening in countries like Ecuador, Venezuela , Bolivia or another southamerican country before You waste the money and resources of the canadian taxpayers to help false humanitarian organizatiosn like: Human Right Watch, Usaid, and others, whose only one reason to exist is to help destroy other countries, and create a lifestyle of enrichment for a lot of people who live from the blood and pain of another people. And with their activities, prepare other countries to be invaded.
Please don’t destroy the beautiful idea I have of Canada.
If You are doing something wrong against another country, and I hope You are not doing so. Please review those policies that have something to do with foreing countries, and help people, don’t hurt them.
People from empires or countries like United States, will one day revolt against their own government, and will destroy them. Don’t allow this happen to beautiful country like Canada.
Remember how empires end, most of them destroyed each other and those ones that last a little longer, were destroyed from his own intestines.

Publicado por Valente Delmar

Comentador social y político, y narrador de historias.

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