I ask for excuses before hand if I make a mistake in my writing  English is not my mother language , I hope , I don’t  make too many .  thanks I am not a writer , but I would like only one thing, I want people read this and try to understand my pointSigue leyendo «AFTER THIS LIFE …. WHAT ELSE?»

Y despues de esta vida Que?

Y  DESPUES DE  ESTA  VIDA   QUE? Yo no soy un escritor profesional , pero, solo quiero que lean lo que escribo  y comprendan mi punto de vista acerca de la Humanidad. Quisiera que la gente tome conciencia de lo que somos en esta vida y para que estamos aqui?     Dime si no te has hechoSigue leyendo «Y despues de esta vida Que?»

Thank you, Spain

My grandfather toll me  when  I was 12 years old , at that time I felt the urgency to write and He said «forget about writing; you will not change anything by  writing or talking, people do not listen, they do not want to change, they do not care.»   But  I always want itSigue leyendo «Thank you, Spain»