Thank you, Spain

My grandfather toll me  when  I was 12 years old , at that time I felt the urgency to write and He said «forget about writing; you will not change anything by  writing or talking, people do not listen, they do not want to change, they do not care.»   But  I always want it to, especially now because is easier to get information about what happens around the word.

I listen a couple of days ago a newscaster from Spain say something that trigger  my urgency to write again (not to offend anybody because somethings happened a long time ago) please we can not deny History  please take responsibility.

The news person made a reply against a South American president for some offensive quotes against the Spanish government; he replied in this way  «those ignorant people must be grateful  that Spain went there to give them civilization and culture to save them from cannibalism – ignorance and criminality.»  I listen to this kind of appreciations so many times but now a person that has the ability to say that in a space that can reach all around the word, I consider this something very wrong  .

Please don’t  believe what a say, I repeat again we have now the easy way to find information  and please don’t deny History  what happens …happens long time ago

You can refer to:  ALTER INFOS  AMERICA LATINA   –  MAS DE   500  ANOS  DE GENOCIDIO   INDIGENA     November  12  / 2007   by  Daniel E Benadava

In the  XV  century  there lived in the American continent  70  millions aboriginal people.

One an a half century after   the  Spanish  – British  – English and French   arrived to the American continent   the population was decimated  to only  3  millions an a half .

The Spanish people  came to South America  with the pretense of giving us civilization  what need did our aboriginal culture  had   of civilization, they had a that time  formation of  laws , politics  and economy  . They did not need the civilization they gave to us to dominate us.

We have to say thank to Spain for  catholic religion (forced) because at that time if You weren’t   catholic You were   a child of Satan .

Language (forced) because if you don’t speak Spanish  You were an animal  You deserve only to live in slavery or die .

Lost of our natural resources  were shipped to Spain .

And  we can not forget  sickness most of that in our continent did not exist at that time . They brought  it with them  :   Flu  -chicken pox – measles  – leprosy  – yellow fever  – typhus  – rabbis   –   and why did this happen?  This was because the heroes that came to save us were a bunch of criminals , no body wanted to embark in an adventure to an unknown  destiny , so  the Spanish  Queen  emptied  the jails to give to   Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) the crews for the ships  to conquer  America .


Who am I and why I do this…

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Mi name is   «Valente Delmar»  (nickname)  I use this out of fear that something I say could be received as an insult or an offense from somebody  and this can affect me or my family .

The main idea is that every one take knowledge of History  and everyone take part of responsibility about what we have done to civilizations and to the planet in name of culture – religion  or help  undeveloped  people . When the only reason of this was only to conquer for expansion of their territories and steal natural resources, so they can make rich and powerful their own countries .